Your Profitable Webinar Funnel

By:Terry H Hill

The process used to make sales is often referred to as your sales funnel. When you envision a funnel, you picture a shape that is very wide at the beginning and narrows significantly, as you progress to the end.

The path potential buyers take, as you encourage to them to purchase, resembles a funnel because you begin with a wide target audience. Those who are interested in your product or service will follow the path, or links, find out more, working their way down to the narrow end of the funnel. Those who are not interested will stop following the current path, and essentially stop clicking through to the “next stage” or link.

In terms of hosting a profitable webinar, your first step in the funnel is to get them to sign up or opt-in. Then you need to encourage them to attend. Your webinar should be so interesting that they stay until the end. The special offer you will give webinar attendees only should be good enough to entice them to buy.


Offering a free webinar makes people aware you exist. You can promote it at your site, on your email marketing lists, on social networks, and in chat rooms or on discussion boards related to your niche.

Awareness can also refer to a certain problem your target audience is struggling with in relation to your niche, and that there is a solution available in the form of what you are trying to sell.


Webinars are so successful because they are a combination of information, education, entertainment, and sales. Online education is booming. Internet users love videos, especially how-to content, which makes up 75% of all searches on YouTube. A well-presented talk, such as the TED talks, can keep audiences hanging on every word.

In terms of sales, a good webinar does not use a hard-sell approach. It is a risk-free way for the audience to learn more about your products or services in an interesting way. All they are spending by attending is their time. Hopefully, they will enjoy the webinar, and be able to come away with useful points. In fact, you can even structure your webinar in that manner, such as:

  • 7 ways to lower your cholesterol naturally
  • 5 secrets to improving your golf swing
  • 6 success strategies for marketing well with webinars

The content topic in your webinar should reflect your title, while giving you an organized, easy-to-follow structure and format. Provide informative, interesting content that your audience can identify with. It should also intrigue and motivate them to keep watching. Sharing content regarding a common issue or problem helps to get them ready to learn about your solution or advice. This is usually found in the hard-to-refuse product or service you offer at the end of the webinar. However, this may vary slightly depending on whether you have introductory offers, upsells, down-sales, bonuses, etc.


The content should always lead your audience down your sales funnel. The initial offers are frequently an introduction to what you are trying to sell. To help boost sales and/or opt-ins, the offer should be better than anything available on your site. In other words, you reward them for attending the webinar by giving them a phenomenal deal or opportunities just because they attended.

If you are launching a new product, your content will be all about the problem and the solution’s benefits as well as features. It makes sense to offer an introductory price to attendees to make it risk-free to try it. It also makes them feel valued and special.

If you’ve presented an interesting webinar, you’ve whetted their appetite throughout for the solution to the issue you’ve raised, that is, your product or service. At the point where they have to make the decision to buy, or not buy, your content should have led them to the point where they are ready to act.


At this stage, your audience will be at the narrow part of the funnel. Now all they have to do is click to take action on your offer. Your presentation will have shown them the value your product offers. Your offer should be so good that they would seem foolish not to act. They will buy and become your customer. Then you can follow up with them in the hope that they will become a loyal repeat customer. How might you accomplish this? By launching more products and using webinars as a marketing tool for those new products.

Now that you understand how sales funnels are constructed, you can put together your three main components. Let’s start with registration.

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