Why You Need to Set Priorities

By:Terry H Hill

Setting priorities is extremely important in making any kind of progress in life. Unfortunately, not many people realize just how important it is. When you don’t set priorities, you are essentially running on autopilot, doing the first thing that comes to mind rather than the thing that needs to be done the most. It is well worth the time it takes to clarify, organize, and set priorities.

Get More Done

The main advantage of setting priorities effectively is that it helps you to be more productive. You’ll move more quickly to the goals in every area of your life, whether career, finance, business, family life, relationships, or creativity.

Keeping Balance

Setting priorities helps you to keep the various areas of your life in balance. If you don’t make family a priority, you may end up working all the time and neglecting that area. When you set priorities, you give each area of your life its due time and make sure you’re making progress in each area. When you set priorities, you can also make sure that you allot some time for leisure activities and hobbies, even when you’re busy with work or other obligations.

Limited Time

Setting priorities is essential in time management. We all have limited time in which to work, so choosing which tasks are the most important ensures that you get them all done and waste no time in doing them.

Your To-Do List

We all make to-do lists of things that need to be done today or soon. List making defeats its own purpose if you have a list of ‘should’ crowding out the ‘have-to’s’. If you know how to choose priorities well, you can organize this list so that the most important things get done. Your lists will be more effective.

Relief from Stress

Finally, setting priorities offers serious stress relief. It’s hard to juggle work, family, and all the other areas of your life. When you have many things to do, you feel swamped and out of control. Setting priorities helps you to take control. When you feel like you’re on top of things, your stress levels will be significantly reduced.

The difference between people who set priorities and those who don’t is that the former has more control over their lives. The latter set priorities unconsciously. Learning how to make lists, arrange your time, and see that you get things done helps you take conscious control over situations.


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