Why is Business Writing Still so Important Today

By:Terry H Hill

Today, you could run a successful online business without knowing a thing about proper business writing. You can write your emails, social media posts, blogs, and comments in a completely casual tone and get by. But this would be a mistake. Without a solid ability to write effectively in a business situation, there’s always a limit to how far you can go.

Even though digital communications have set the bar much lower than in the past, it’s still beneficial for any entrepreneur – no matter how big or small – to know how to write for business.

Clear Communication

Business writing states important things in a clear and concise way. In business situations, it’s essential that everyone involved understands what’s going on. This is why companies put such emphasis on clarity. If there’s a misunderstanding, or if important information is left out, it can cost a company its bottom line.

Someone You Can Trust

An appropriate and well-written business correspondence tells the reader that this is someone they can trust. If your writing is full of spelling errors, misused words, or overly casual language that’s not appropriate for the situation, the reader may not trust you as a competent business person. Setting high standards for your writing invokes trust in your audience, which is an invaluable asset.

Effective Writing Boosts Sales

A key aspect of business writing is knowing your audience. This means knowing who they are, what they know, and what concerns them, so that you can deliver the right message in the right way. Communicating effectively in this way leads directly to higher sales. You can tell your reader how your product or service will help them, and what they need to do in order to get the benefits you promise.

Leading Your Audience to Action

Good business writing is persuasive. Whether you want your reader to click on a link to sign up for your site, or you’d like to arrange a meeting with a professional you recently met, there’s always some persuasion involved. The ability to write well in a business context involves knowing how to persuade with words.

Showing Your Reader Respect

Proper business writing is about courtesy. If you’ve ever written a formal email before, you’ll know that how you phrase certain things has an effect on the reader. When you know how to address someone and talk to them in a formal manner, this demonstrates respect. You can also show this level of respect in other communications, such as blog posts, articles, social media content, or marketing materials.

A Tool You Can Use Everywhere

Business writing is a helpful skill in all areas of business. Even if you’re not writing but communicating orally, you can use what you learn to be a better communicator. With writing, there’s always something new you can learn, and there are always further benefits to sharpening your skills in the long-term.

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Most of us aren’t naturally good writers. Luckily, anyone can learn how to improve their communication skills and master business writing for better results.

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