Why Building a Community is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Brand

By:Terry H Hill

A brand is much more than a tagline or a design scheme. It’s a vibrant community that’s flexible and meets the needs of its advocates. If you’re trying to build a viable brand, the best thing you can do is to create a community around it.

Build Strong Relationships

What makes people feel close to the brands they like? We naturally want to engage with brands we love. If you create a community, you give your audience a place to do that.

This can be their venue for celebrating your brand, learning about your products, getting answers to their questions, solving problems, and so on. It creates a solid relationship and your brand becomes a part of their lives.

Save Money on Lead Generation

It costs a great deal to carry out marketing and ad campaigns to attract new leads. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to retain old customer than to get new ones.

By creating a community, you’ll give your customers a place to interact and get their needs met. When their needs are fulfilled, they’ll buy from you again and again. This is a great low-cost method for retaining customers and you’ll see results in your sales.

High-Value Content

Through your group, you’ll share high-value content with your audience. This is essential for keeping them engaged. Studies also show that content is a major factor in purchase decisions, so this will also result in more sales.

The content you share will educate, inform, and entertain, giving you the chance to show your expertise in your niche. Through your community, you can create branded content that’s perfectly suited to your members’ needs.

Personal Connection

Through your community, people will interact with you personally, which is a benefit for any brand. People crave this type of personal interaction, especially in an increasingly anonymous digital world.

You’ll be there with your community each day, facilitating conversations, replying to comments, asking questions, and being an all-around helpful resource. It’ll put a human face on your business.

Feedback from Customers

Since you’re interacting with your members personally, you’ll get all kinds of useful feedback from them about their tastes and needs. You can then offer the exact products, services, and content that they’re looking for. These valuable insights about your audience will help make all your marketing activities more effective.

Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Your group will naturally get you referrals. People will love the experience of interacting with your brand directly and tell others about it. You can also incentivize referrals and identify your main advocates so that this happens more often. You’ll gain more exposure and multiply your marketing efforts tenfold.

A community naturally grows when people love a brand and its products. Create a community around your brand and the products or services it offers, and you’ll boost your brand visibility and reputation.

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