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Why You Should Do a Formal Online Business Training Self Assessment

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As an entrepreneur you operate solo, however. With no one above you in the corporate hierarchy, online business training self-assessment tools can serve as a starting point to help you learn more about yourself.  This process identifies strengths and weaknesses, character traits, biases and preferences, and other shadings of personality.
At its best, a self-assessment tool trains you to level with yourself. By conducting an honest self-evaluation, you begin to gain awareness of your innermost drives, desires and belief systems. This awareness can help you manage people more effectively, make wiser decisions and acknowledge areas in which you need to improve.

Business Training Global Online Business Training Self-Assessments Offerings

Our Online Business Training Self-Assessments provide a systematic process of looking at oneself in order to assess aspects that are important to one’s entrepreneurial proficiency.
photo of booklet-Personal Productivity Self Assessment


This Personal Productivity Self-Assessment is designed to help you understand your own personal productivity style—how you think, how you learn, and how you communicate best… the results will help to guide you toward productivity tips that like-minded people have found most effective.


Achieving a comfortable work-life balance doesn’t just happen randomly any more than does a great career. It takes strategy and thought. You can make work-life balance a labor of love—after all, it is about love. In order to a baseline on your work-life balance, complete this self-assessment.

photo of booklet-The Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment


This Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment is designed to help you evaluate your entrepreneurial traits, as concerns, motivations, aptitudes, and attitudes. The results will help you to answer the question: do you feel that you are cut out to be an entrepreneur?

Photo of Leadership Competences Assessment


This Leadership Competencies-Self-Assessment Questionnaire is designed to help you understand more about your skills and abilities in each of the critical areas of leadership. This Questionnaire provides you with a snapshot of your leadership competency.

Photo of Leadership Style Profile Assessment


The Leadership Style Profile: Self-Assessment Questionnaire is designed to help you understand and identify which type of leader you are.


Having a growth mindset and understanding the ways your mindset might be fixed can help you grow as a person, find success, and live a happier life. In order to understand where you lie on the continuum of growth vs. fixed mindset, complete the self-assessment.

photo of The 360 Business Assessment


This 360 Business Assessment is modeled on GAP Analysis – that is the difference between where you want to be and where you are at the present time.   This analysis does not even address where you should be, just where you think you are and where you really are.   This assessment is about YOU and YOUR business.  This is not a short assessment; it examines all facets of your business in a very detailed manner.

Photo of The Entrepreneur Mindset Assessment


This Entrepreneurial Mindset Self-Assessment is designed for you to self-rate your entrepreneurial traits against a list of key traits of skilled and successful entrepreneurs.

Photo of Assessment-Checklist-Starting a Business


As a business owner, you will need a plan to avoid pitfalls, achieve your goals, and build a profitable business. This Self-Assessment Checklist is a guide to help you prepare for your first meeting with investors and/or bankers.

Photo of ASSESSMENT-Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur


Are you planning to start and run your own business? Do you know the right qualifications and characteristics an entrepreneur must have to succeed? Does your profile match that of a successful entrepreneur?  This Self-Assessment you will explore and self-rank yourself on the essential characteristics that every entrepreneur must have.  You can assess this FREE Online Self-Assessment HERE

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Priceless Business Insights for Learning

Photo for blog article-How to Lead by Example

How to Lead by Example

Have you ever noticed an individual who just simply commands attention or, better yet, one who can persuade anyone to do what he or she may ask? Some individuals are just born natural leaders while others struggle seriously in this department… READ MORE

Photo for blog article-4 Ways to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Growth Mindset

4 Ways To Develop Your Entrepreneurial Growth Mindset

For you to be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to develop a growth mindset. A growth mindset allows you to learn from your mistakes and grow your business.

Entrepreneurs who have a fixed mindset tend to dwell on their failures and see any setbacks and challenges that they might face as a reason to throw in the towel and give up on their dreams of becoming successful…  READ MORE

Photo for blog article-How Do You Stack Up Against The Competition

How Do You Stack Up Against the Competition

Benchmarking plays an important role in business. It provides an objective analysis of your performance using data of the best performing company in your industry as the standard. So, how do you measure up against the competition? Gauge your successes, identify your shortcomings, improve business operations and gain increased returns with these 10 benchmarking steps…  READ MORE

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Knowledge UP is the Business Training Global approach to learning.

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  3. Knowledge UP the assets you need to become a highly effective, super successful entrepreneur.

Shorten your learning curve to entrepreneurial success!

If you’re ready to Knowledge UP, Business Training Global has the comprehensive library of content and guidance for YOU!

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In an economy dominated by knowledge and rapid, unpredictable change, the ability to learn, and to continue learning, is crucial for individuals and organizations. 

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, and early-stage entrepreneur, seasoned business owner, or a professional service provider, your learning is likely to be problem-centered, rather than content-centered. You learned because there was a real-life problem or issue that you wanted to solve.

At Business Training Global, we have created a Learning Journey where individuals build capability through a series of related and complementary learning interventions.

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