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Invaluable Business Insights for Learning

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Become a More Effective Communicator by Mastering the Language

Whether you are consulting with your accountant about your business finances, negotiating a contract with a supplier, or making a presentation to your staff, understanding and speaking the language can help you communicate more effectively and accomplish your goals more efficiently…  READ MORE

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Hitting Your Customer’s Sweet Spot

Competition existed long before strategy. As we trace the evolution of strategy, we find that the founding principle is still in play today: Strategy is about achieving the competitive advantage! If there were no competition, there would be no need for strategy. Gaining a sustainable edge over your competitors, as efficiently as possible, is the…  READ MORE

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How Do You Sustain and Grow Your Customer Relationships?

The most important thing in sales and marketing is to attract and retain your most profitable business customers. In order to accomplish this feat, you must devise and implement a customer strategy that builds, fosters, nurtures, and extends relationships with your customers…  READ MORE

Continue Your Learning Journey

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In an economy dominated by knowledge and rapid, unpredictable change, the ability to learn, and to continue learning, is crucial for individuals and organizations. 

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, and early-stage entrepreneur, seasoned business owner, or a professional service provider, your learning is likely to be problem-centered, rather than content-centered. You learned because there was a real-life problem or issue that you wanted to solve.

At Business Training Global, we have created a Learning Journey where individuals build capability through a series of related and complementary learning interventions.

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