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Hello…  Thanks for visiting us today!
I’m Terry H. Hill, a veteran chief executive, with three, plus decades of work with business owners and executives of privately held companies.  I have been instrumental in helping them deal with the issues and challenges they face in each stage of their business life cycle.
I’m the author of three (3) books, How to Boost Your productivity to New Heights, How to Jumpstart Your Business, and The 13 Step Entrepreneurial Blueprint for Starting and Growing Your Business. 
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These practical books provide guidance for down-to-earth answers to questions and challenges that every business owner faces.
In addition, I have created and delivered numerous courses, programs, and workshops in entrepreneurship training and leadership development for all aspects of starting and operating a business, including accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing, sales, and more.  
My pure love of “the game of business”, my diversified experience, as well as, my highly effective communication skills, provide the basis for my successful guidance, mentoring, and consulting services to entrepreneurs, business owners, and their employees.
What separates me from other consultants/trainers in the field is my ability to explain big topics in a simple, jargon-free manner (and without any of the fluff), freeing you to spend your precious time on putting everything into practice and ultimately growing your business.
I sincerely hope you join me for one or more of our training events!

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