How to Make Money After Your Webinar

By:Terry H Hill

So you’ve just hosted a webinar. Congratulations. You’ve already gone through many of the most important aspects of creating a successful webinar:

  • Planning
  • Preparing
  • Practicing and
  • Presenting

You may have even had a good conversion rate and started Profiting.

There are other ways to make more money after your webinar, to keep the momentum going.  The way you follow up could make a huge difference in terms of your overall profitability.  Here are a few ideas.

Follow Up Emails

You should send the following emails, complete with a link to the sales page:

  • A gift to thank them for attending. It could be a free special report, templates, or a checklist related to the content of the report
  • Access to the recording if they want to watch again; tell them what URL to visit. Remind them that the video will be available for a limited time only
  • A reminder that the special price is going away and they need to act now before it is too late.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the topic. This is a good way to help win them over to buying your product, because you care about them and are not just trying to sell stufFAQs about the product. This can address any reservations they might have about making the purchase. Remind them of the great offer and bonus items and that the clock is ticking.

Making the Most of the Recording

Re-use the recording for those who might have missed the original broadcast, or who would like to watch it again

  • Upload the recording to YouTube to have as part of a library of webinars. If you want to change the offer, do so on the sales landing page and state in the description box that the introductory offer with bonuses is finished. However, they can still get the product at a reasonable price as a thank you for taking the time to watch.  Edit the sales page to reflect the new pricing and any bonuses no longer part of the offer.
  • Use the main body of the webinar in various ways:
  • teaching material for your coaching program
  • a bonus for other, related, products you sell
  • as part of a free or paid membership site
  • as part of a self-help customer portal for your coaching students or consulting clients, to add more value to your service
  • as a link in an ebook about the topic, or a special report
  • as part of a multimedia information package you plan to sell
  • as part of an educational course you are offering on a site like Udemy
  • as excerpts about your product to use as part of your sales letter
  • as excerpts to use on your social media pages to show you know what you are talking about and create buzz about your webinars and your expertise
  • to use in press releases as an example of you being an expert who knows their niche
  • as part of a bundle of two or more products, with the webinars for the products as part of the bonus items

Follow up with your second webinar, for even more opportunities to cash in by creating profitable webinars.

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