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Starting your own business is an undertaking that requires more than vision, inspiration, sweat equity, money, and determination. It is that leap of faith that demands that you let go of everything that is safe,
comfortable, and proven. It is getting “outside the box” in the biggest way possible, so that you can...

Learn how to get more buyers

Research from Live Hive found that decision makers are much more responsive towards sales reps when they include case studies, industry articles, and white papers in their sales outreach. They found that 95% of buyers select a vendor who provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process.

Learn how to generate more sales

Ask for the sale. This may seem very simple, but most salespeople never ask for the sale. This is hard to believe, but it’s true. A team of researchers recently did a mystery shop on over 500 businesses and at more than 70 percent of them, the salespeople never asked them to do business.


Learn how to charge higher prices

The secret to charging more is changing the perceived value of a product or service. Here’s Business’s definition of perceived value: "A customer’s opinion of a product’s value to him or her. It may have little or nothing to do with the product’s market price, and depends on the product’s ability to satisfy his or her needs or requirements."

Learn how to gain better profit margins

Here are 6 tried-and-true ways you can start improving your profit margin today:  Increase Prices... Reduce Direct Costs of Goods... Reduce Inventory Waste... Readjust Your Sales Mix... Integrate New Products or Services... Alter Your Business Focus...  Use these options to help improve gross margin and you may find that your small business starts making more money right away.

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  • Chapter 1 - Starting or Jumpstarting Your Business
    Take the Entrepreneurial Leap of Faith 
  • Chapter 2 - Planning
    The Foundation of Every Successful Enterprise
  • Chapter 3 - Foundation
    Structure the Enterprise Properly from the Start
  • Chapter 4 - Transition
    Transform Fledgling Businesses into Long-term Businesses
  • Chapter 5 - Finance and Accounting
    Account for Your Activities Accurately and Consistently
  • Chapter 6 - Stakeholders
    Leverage Your Stakeholders Wisely
  • Chapter 7 - Operations
    Structure Your Operations for Excellence
  • Chapter 8 - Marketing
    The Engine that Drives the Enterprise
  • Chapter 9 - Resources
    Knowing Where to Get the Answer is Critical
  • References
    Great References are the Backbone of any Great Book
  • Profile -- Terry H. Hill
    An Entrepreneur's Mentor and Trainer
  • Profile -- The Seaplace Group, LLC
    Consulting - Publishing - Training

Learning with the Case Method

Each chapter starts with a case study that explores a common business problem experienced by entrepreneurs. The case study is followed by several frequently-asked questions and answers on the relevant topic. Finally, the questions and answers are followed by the resolution of the problem outlined in the case study at the beginning of the chapter.



The Challenge

                                   Terry H. Hill

 Author - Business Owner - Consultant - Mentor - Trainer

About the Author

Terry H. Hill

Terry is an accomplished and highly respected small business subject matter specialist with extensive experience designing and developing effective and engaging learning solutions.  He has created and delivered courses, programs, and workshops in entrepreneurship training and leadership development for all aspects of starting and operating a business, including accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing, sales, and more.

Terry has over 35 years of functional and consulting experiences in spearheading start-ups, leading turnarounds, and executing major expansion initiatives in a variety of entrepreneurial and market-making businesses. He is the author of numerous small business articles, e-books, and training courses-programs for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professional service providers.

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