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Scoring Table

A Score of 60

EXCELLENT...  A Perfect Score

You show an excellent aptitude for self-employment.  If you are not presently running your own business, you should strongly consider starting one -- the sooner the better.

A Score of 59 - 56


You show a strong aptitude for self-employment.  You appear to have what it takes to succeed in a business of your own. Don't hesitate, your way to business success is wide open.

A Score of 55 - 50


You have the qualities of being a successful entrepreneur with some weak spots.  You should be able to cover these deficiencies by either retraining yourself or hiring someone with the necessary skills.

A Score of 44 - 54

SO - SO...

The prospects of your success in a business of your own are questionable.  You have some deficiencies that might out-shadow some good traits you have. If you still want to go forward, you may want to look for a business partner who can complement you in the areas where you are weak. Keep in mind that having a partner can bring with it difficulties you may not want to experience as well.  Make such a decision carefully and for the right reasons.

A Score of 12 - 43


Self-employment may not be for you.  You will probably be happier and more successful working for someone else. However, only you can make that decision.


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