Why Partner With Business Training Global.com?

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Generous Commissions

Earn 30% to 50% commission on qualified sales transactions.
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90 Day Cookies

Get credit for any valid purchases made from your referrals within 90 days of their initial site visit. 
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Marketing Assets

Choose from tracking assets including course-specific links, site-wide links, custom links, creatives, advertising banners, promotional assets and tools to help you drive sales.
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Comprehensive Library

Sales, marketing, branding, strategy, and more… everything entrepreneurs and small business owners need. New training courses, programs, and supplemental training material being added continuously.
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Self-Paced Learning Model

Our online self-paced learning model caters to busy entrepreneurial-minded people who able to control the amount of material they consume as well as the duration of time they need to learn the new information properly. 
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Offers and Assistance

Exclusive offers for your audience, a dedicated team to help you sort out any issues & transparency performance reports for optimization.

Learn More About Our Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Here's how our Affiliate Marketing Program works

Join the BTG.com Affiliate Marketing Program

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Join our affiliate marketing program by clicking on any of the JOIN FREE links on this Page. 

Promote…  Promote…  Promote BTG.com site

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Promote our courses, programs, and supplemental training material links on your website or app.

Earn…  Earn…  Earn with BTG.com

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You earn 30% to 50% commission when qualified sales transactions are made on the Business Training Global.com site.

As our partner, we provide you resources to help you deliver the best results!


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We provide you with optimized banners, text links, and coupon codes to drive sales.


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Our monthly newsletter gives you update news and tips about converting offers and current/upcoming coupon codes.

24 / 7 / 365

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You have 24 / 7 / 365 access to all training courses, programs, and supplemental training material.


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Transparent reporting of your clicks and sales to further optimize your campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Training Global Affiliate Program rewards you for directing customers to our website who subsequently make a qualified purchase. You’ll be paid for every course or training material purchase that a learner makes within 90 days of clicking on a qualified link.

With the Business Training Global Affiliate Program, you can earn 30% to 50% commission, per Qualified Sales Transaction(s). You can promote as many products as you want across multiple websites, blogs, and through structured email campaigns.

You can join us here. Once approved, you can find and use various promotional assets including placing banners, links, and writing product reviews on your website or blog. You will receive customized links for all the promotions, through which we will track sales. When any customer, referred by you, makes a purchase, you get paid through Business Training Global’s parent firm, The Seaplace Group, LLC.

It does not cost you a thing, signup is absolutely FREE.

In order to become a Business Training Global Affiliate, all you need to do is to register on this site. Then, you complete the Business Training Global registration form and submit your registration to our Affiliate Board. After we approve your request, you can start promoting and earning.

No limits! The more purchases you drive, the more you earn.

You can place the banner links on those places on your blog/website where visitors are more likely to pay attention. Typically, it’s the left/ right sidebar, above or below the top navigation bar or below each blog post snippet.

Absolutely! Content required for promotion will be provided by the Business Training Global Board or can be verified by the Business Training Global Board. You can contact our Affiliate Board for any such requirement.

Once you join the Business Training Global Affiliate network, you will get paid the Affiliate Referral Fees on a rolling basis through the PayPal, affiliates’ commission in the first two weeks of the second month following the month that the Qualified Transaction(s) was made, less any taxes that Business Training Global/The Seaplace group, LLC is required by law to withhold.

We provide banners, coupons, and text links in addition to complete email assistance with regard to your promotions. All our banners are tested for conversion and are available in many sizes.

Once your request has been approved by the Business Training Global Board, you will have access to your own Affiliate Dashboard. This will include all banners, links and coupon codes.

Spamdexing, article spinning, and spamming social media with Business Training Global.com affiliate links are strictly prohibited.

Contact us on by utilizing the “Contact Us” form below and we will get in touch with you quickly.

Any More Questions?

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