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Some of our Online Business Training Special Reports focus primarily on information (‘what’s going on now,’ ‘what are the latest business trends,’ ‘what are the best business practices.  But beyond merely providing information, other Special Reports also include analysis (‘what does this information means for us,’ ‘what courses of action should be considered,”what we recommend, and why’).

Business Training Global Online Business Training Special Reports Offerings

Photo of the 10 Step Action Guidebook for Growing Your Business

SPECIAL REPORT: 10 Step Action Plan for Growing Your Business

There is a variety of ways to generate greater demand for your business. In this Guidebook, we are going to discuss a powerful ten (10) step action plan that you can utilize to grow your business.

Photo of a Mini Report about the 5 marketing blunders you want to avoid

MINI REPORT: The 5 Marketing Blunders You Want to Avoid

In this Mini Report, we discuss five reasons your marketing may not be working and what you can do to simplify for success.

Photo of the special report, 21 sure-fire business building tips.

SPECIAL REPORT: 21 Sure-Fire Business Building Tips

This Special Report is your guidebook for conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy your individual and your organizational objectives.

photo of special report-6 Leadership Skills

SPECIAL REPORT: 6 Leadership Skills You Must Master to Become an Effective Leader

This Special Report will introduce you to a set of tools you can use in practically all leadership situations. With diligence, patience and practice, these six leadership skills will become second nature to you, transforming you into an effective leader who relentlessly drives vision to completion, and achieving one success after another.

Photo of Special Report-Entrepreneurial-Mindset-Success Secrets Revealed

SPECIAL REPORT: Entrepreneurial Mindset Success Guidebook

In this Special Report, we will be exploring the entrepreneurial mindset. It is a mindset that can be learned. People with entrepreneurial mindsets are innovative and action-oriented individuals who aren’t afraid to make mistakes. This is a rare opportunity for you to learn how successful entrepreneurs think, how they can spot opportunities, and how they capitalize their mindset that enabled them to transform opportunities into successful new ventures.

Photo of Special Report-Take-Charge-20-Ways to Develop Outstanding Leadership Skills

SPECIAL REPORT: Take Charge-20 Ways to Develop Outstanding Leadership Skills

Good leadership is key to effective management. While effective leaders are also essentially good managers, only a handful of managers possess the skills that make for strong leadership. This is what stifles business growth. Outlined in this Special Report are simple practical leadership strategies that anyone can follow. Whether you’re a business owner, an executive, a manager, or someone who aspires to a leadership position or expected to provide leadership, you can develop and improve your leadership skills.

photo of Special Report-5 Keys to Building an Audience of Buyers on Social Media

SPECIAL REPORT: The 5 Keys to Building an Audience of Buyers on Social Media

Social media is essential for any business today. But why is it so important to use these platforms to engage your audience? If you’re not actively engaging your audience on social media, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. This Special Report will show you how you can start building an active social media audience now.

Photo of the Special Report- Gut Feel... just how feasible is your business idea from Business Training

SPECIAL REPORT: Beyond Your Gut Feel

In this Special Report, you will learn the importance of creating feasibility study. Whether you are applying for a SBA business loan, seeking funds for startup or expanding your business, a Feasibility Study provides professional support and factual information necessary to make your case to employees, suppliers, lenders, and investors.

photo of businessmen reviewing an assessment
Photo of successful entrepreneurs talking

Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur Self-Assessment  Questionnaire

In this Self-Assessment, you will explore the essential characteristics that every entrepreneur must have; and you will self-assess and rank yourself against the best traits of other successful entrepreneurs.

Prized Business Insights for Learning

photo of an inspired business team

How to Inspire Innovation and Deliver Profit and Productivity to Your Business

Did you know that innovation in business provides a tremendous competitive advantage? If you’re aiming at expanding your business, building your brand, delivering customer satisfaction and reaping a huge profit, then you need to innovate and inspire others to do the same… READ MORE

Photo for blog article-4 Ways to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Growth Mindset

The Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Steps for Success

Are you success ready? If you’re ready to push boundaries and gain new business heights, then here are 10 entrepreneurial recipes for success. Now you can build a solid customer base, beat the competition, and ensure the continued long-term growth of your business…  READ MORE

Knowledge UP with Business Training Global

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Knowledge UP is the Business Training Global approach to learning.

  1. Knowledge UP your entrepreneurial skillset.

  2. Knowledge UP your understanding of small business operations.

  3. Knowledge UP the assets you need to become a highly effective, super successful entrepreneur.

Shorten your learning curve to entrepreneurial success!

If you’re ready to Knowledge UP, Business Training Global has the comprehensive library of content and guidance for YOU!

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In an economy dominated by knowledge and rapid, unpredictable change, the ability to learn, and to continue learning, is crucial for individuals and organizations. 

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, and early-stage entrepreneur, seasoned business owner, or a professional service provider, your learning is likely to be problem-centered, rather than content-centered. You learned because there was a real-life problem or issue that you wanted to solve.

At Business Training Global, we have created a Learning Journey where individuals build capability through a series of related and complementary learning interventions.

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