7 Things You Should Do During and After Your Webinar

By:Terry H Hill

Here are some suggestions as to what you can do during, and after your webinar.

Engage Your Audience – Grab your audience’s attention and engage them with surprise polls, surveys, and contests with spot prizes. It only takes a few seconds but can keep things so interesting they stay with you, and even let other people know about the webinar while they are attending.

Record the Webinar – Those who attend might re-watch it and buy. They might also send a link to people they know, for an even wider audience and chance for sales.

Plan A Series of Webinars – One stand-alone webinar can be profitable. A whole series can keep your target audience coming back for more week after week or month after month and sharing information about it, so the next webinar you plan to host will already have a guaranteed audience of people who like what you do so much they become a loyal follower.

Give Surprise Gifts – Give a surprise gift via email as a thank you for them attending. Don’t mention it before the webinar because you don’t want them to be solely motivated to get the freebie.

Send Reminders – Send out a reminder about the recording and advanced notice that a new webinar will be coming soon.

Webinar Recording Availability – Let them know via email that the recording is available, and they should feel free to share it. Also let them know a new webinar will be coming soon. If you have had a lot of great feedback and many questions, you weren’t able to answer, consider giving a second webinar as a follow up, and the same special offer as in the first webinar.

Nurture New List – Now that you have the new list, don’t neglect them. Send them niche-related content that can stimulate sales. If you are crunched for time, create a campaign with shared autoresponder (follow up) emails from your existing main marketing list. You will find this feature in Aweber and other email marketing platforms.

Note that in Aweber, loading shared follow-ups will erase any follow-up messages already defined in your new list, such as the thank you for registering for the webinar, so you might want to copy and paste the best autoresponder emails suited to this new list and then bring them over manually. Find a virtual assistant to help with this, or draft in a helper while you work on getting your next webinar ready for prime time.

Successful webinars take time and effort to plan, prepare, practice, and present, but the profits can be considerable. It’s all a question of how many people you can get to attend and convert. It all starts with getting people in seats. Find out what the capacity is for the webinar hosting service you are using and aim to fill them 100%.

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